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Our Philosophy

Unoymas is an organization that exists to promote effective and positive personal, professional and organizational development and change through creative and relational methodologies. Our creative-relational practices produce innovation and transformative change in the fields of health, education, business and community life [see our services] All of our practices emerge from a view of human meaning as relationally constructed and reflect our commitment to creative and experiential learning in the service of human betterment.

Unoymas was founded by Maria Munoz-Grandes in 2014, following twenty-five years of successful practice in psychotherapy, personal development and education, and a master’s degree in Positive Organizational Development at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA) that linked her also to the organizational life through consulting and coaching.

Our vision is to play an active part in promoting change in the ways of living, working and organizing that enable people to better collaborate with others, embracing diversity and living more creatively in the face of change, with awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings and a commitment to world benefit.

We believe that the future of our planet depends on our capabilities to succeed in creating trustworthy and generative relationships, from the intimate to the international level, and to co-create more promising futures.
We emphasize the relational origin of our ways of being, living, working and organizing, and therefore that it is through generative and creative relationships that we can transform the realities we live in our families, workplaces and communities, so that they will be more inclusive and congenial for all.
We assume that meanings, values and actions are generated through relationships and that by attending to relational processes we can co-create better worlds to live in and flourish.

All of our services and programs promote a shift in focus from
– individual to relational processes
– analytic to intuitive thinking
– fragmented to interconnected functioning
– linear to systemic perspectives
– discipline-silos to interdisciplinary teams
– product-centric to human-centric design
– emphasis on consensus to that of diversity in voices
– abstract concepts to narrative practices and story-telling
– verbal to embodied practices
– top-down to relational leading and collaborative practices
– problem-oriented to strength-based approaches

Transforming realities through shared Meaning-Making, Coordination and Co-Creation

All of our practices are inspired by three core concerns:
1. Meaning-Making
As humans we need to make sense of our experiences and build lives with meaning.  It is our purpose to assist persons, groups and organizations in their processes of meaning-making of their past, present and future though trustworthy relationships, collaborative dialogues, generative conversations and creative methodologies.
2. Coordination
We live in a Relational Era. Our jobs and lives constantly depend on others. We cannot anymore rely on the individual alone but must, more than ever before, coordinate with others. Unoymas facilitates relational coordination in groups and organizations and promotes resonant relationships, appreciation of diversity and collective intelligence.
3. Relational Creativity & Innovation
Our world of constant change requires people capable of confronting complexity, improvising, and creating. We are committed to promoting creativity and innovation in persons, groups and organizations through design-thinking, open-innovation, and creativity development methods. 

Unoymas promotes learning of relational processes and practices that enhance human capabilities for embodied coordination, generative conversations and collaborative innovation in different contexts, such as health-care, education, business, and community life.

We achieve our mission by means of the services we provide: individual and family counseling and psychotherapy, coaching and professional training programs, and consultancy for companies.

Our work is characterized by:

— Shared visions of the future through collaborative and appreciative inquiries: we involve our clients in shared inquiries that generate inspiring, daring and provocative visions of their future, as well as sustainable action plans, that meet the clients´needs and dreams.
— Customized designs: Unoymas is responsive to the uniqueness of each client.
The services we provide are custom-designed, created specifically for–and with–our clients in order to better meet their unique circumstances. We design each program and service in response to the input ga
ey!rnered from discussions with our clients.
— Project-specific, multidisciplinary teams: Unoymas takes pride in its outstanding pool of professionals drawn from a surprising array of seemingly unrelated fields and backgrounds. Working in collaboration across academic and other borders, ad hoc teams address the particular needs arising from the different projects.