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Maria Munoz-Grandes, M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc.

  • Professor of Psychology and Organizational Development at IE University
  • Psychotherapist, Coach and Consultant
  • Founder and Executive Director of Unoymas, Relational Development
  • Taos Institute Europe, T.I.E. Coordinator
  • M.Sc. in Positive Organizational Development (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA, 2015)
  • M.A. in Psychotherapy (Laureano Cuesta & F.E.A.P., Madrid, Spain, 2014)
  • Psychotherapist Acreditation (Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists, Spain, 2000)
  • Bachelor In Psychology (Autonoma University of Madrid, Spain, 2000)
  • M. Ed. In Guidance Counseling (Pontifical University of Madrid, Spain,1998)
  • Bachelor in Philosophy (Pontifical University of Madrid, Spain, 1989)

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Telephone: +34 676 53 66 98


I have been working in Education since 1991, first as a high school philosophy teacher and member of the Counseling department at the American School of Madrid (1992-96), then as a Professor of Psychodrama at Pontifical Comillas University, Madrid, Spain (1997-98), Social Psychology at the Long Distance University of Spain (U.N.E.D., 2001-03), Organizational Development, Deontology, Epistemology, Personality Theory, Decision-Making, Psychology as a Profession, Design-Thinking Lab, and final degree psychology research projects advisory at IE University (Segovia 2012-16). I have a great passion for collaborative and experiential learning and for the co-creation of learning communities.


Creativity and Personal Development:

I am a personal development and professional training facilitator since 1992. I have taught the course Theater of life in the Interaction Institute of Madrid (2004-13), and I teach this and the course Organic Relational Creativity at the Art-Therapy Master’s at the Granada University, Spain since 2014. Through theater, psychodrama, improvisation and performance, we explore significant-life situations, enriching our perspectives about the relational complexity of the scenes, by the roles-reversal, soliloquy, doubling techniques, and the diverse feed-back from group participants. Role-playing is one of the main tools that I use for professional training. Along all my career I have developed a big focus on creativity development, innovation, spontaneity, flow and the creative process. In the course Organic Relational Creativity I facilitate the exploration of different expressive channels and artistic procedures to enhance our communication potential, to free the creative process through intuitive painting, movement and performance, combining individual and collaborative spaces. I am also a global artist, and I describe my creative process and painting as organic.



I am a certified psychotherapist (F.E.A.P, 2001), and I have completed the trainings in a wide range of modalities of psychotherapy: Person-Centered Therapy (1991-93), Bioenergetics (1994-98), Psychodrama (1992-95), Gestalt (2004) and Modular-Transformational Psychoanalysis (2004-12).  I also have extensive postgraduate training in Positive Psychology, Constructivism, and Social Constructionism interventions and epistemologies(2009-11) . With the years I have developed an Intermodal Approach to Psychotherapy, in which I use the different theories and techniques from the modalities in psychotherapy that I know, as inspirational references and in a responsive way, to the clients needs, that are expressed in the therapeutic relationship. I use all my inspirational models and life wisdom to enrich the conversations with the clients so that new possibilities for change can emerge and open up. The Multiple Being theory of identity, the Hermeneutics, Social-constructionism and the Collaborative and Dialogical practices are the philosophical frame for my work. My way of doing therapy focuses on the reconstruction of life narratives and the experiential learning of new ways of relating through the interiorization of the experiences in the therapeutic relationship. I define my therapy as narrative, relational, embodied, active and creative.


Organizational Development

From 2013-15 I have studied a Master´s degree in Positive organizational Development at Case Western Reserve University, at the Weatherhead School of Management. Through this scholarship I have acquired theoretical and practical expertise in the Strengths-based approach and Appreciative Inquiry (by David Cooperrider and Ron Fry), Socio-Emotional Intelligence, Resonant leadership, Coaching with compassion and Complexity theory of change (by Richard Boyatzis), learning styles and learning communities (by David Kolb), strategy and organizational design (by Harlow Cohen) and multiculturality in organizations (by Ron Fry). I am now complementing my professional practice with professional coaching and consultancy to companies. I understand the Organizational Development as a collaborative process that includes qualitative and appreciative inquiries for discovering the positive core of strengths of the organization and its people, and the process of dreaming desired futures, human centric design for the generation of multiple and wild ideas for innovation, the prototyping with the client customized solutions to their challenges and implementing feasible and sustainable action plans. My OD training has been complemented by courses on Design Thinking at the Hasso Platner Institute (Postdam, Germany, 2014/15).



I am the founder and executive director of Unoymas, Relational development (2014), the coordinator of the Taos Institute Europe Board (September, 2015), a member of the Taos Institute Europe Board, and a member of the Taos Institute Associates Council, T.I.A.C. (2014). I understand the mission of the coordinator, as taking care of the interconnectedness between projects, leaders and associates, in a board which works in a projects-oriented manner, and through distributed responsibilities. In the past I have performed the roles of External Relations Officer and Executive Committee member of the European Association of Psychotherapy, E.A.P (2011/13); Board member of the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapy (2010/13); Board member of the Spanish Association of Psychodrama (2010/13); and Vocal of the Laureano Cuesta Association of Psychotherapists (2010/13).



I became a Taos Institute associate in 2012. The TI leaning community has been continuously enriching my life there since. I am also a member of the Spanish Narrative Psychotherapy Association, AETEN (2011); Member of the “Forum” Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy”(–relational constructivist psychoanalysis, 2004); Associate Member of the Psychotherapists Association Laureano Cuesta (1999—humanistic psychology), Member of the Spanish Association of Psychodrama, AEP.