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Personal Development Workshops

Intensive monographic courses of one to five days, on topics of interest for everyday life.

  • Organic Relational Creativity
  • Spontaneity Theater
  • School of Silence

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Men’s Retreat
Action Change Group
 for Post-Traumatic Growth
a workshop using the
Therapeutic Spiral Model
August 2-4, 2019
Temenos Community | Retreat House
 1564 Telegraph Road
 West Chester, PA. 19382


This is a personal-growth workshop for men seeking a safe space to share life challenges, traumatic and transformative experiences, and to do action-based therapeutic work to heal trauma, recover a sense of wholeness, and empower post-traumatic growth.
“Men today are facing a world that challenges notions of identity and what it means to be a ‘man’. In order to find harmony in our life and society, we need to reflect on who we are within the world, strive towards accepting the various aspects of our own identity, while also building a more inclusive society. We must face the internal conflicts that tear us apart and block us from emotional intimacy, find a better footing in these challenging times as we define for ourselves who we want to be, and reawaken our wholeness after trauma. This workshop explores various aspects of our experience and how it has impacted us in our work, in our relationships with others, and ourselves. Potential topics to be explored will be trauma, loss, addictions, recovery, culture, race, sexual orientation, gender, identity, disabilities, spiritual beliefs, ageism, inclusivity, and diversity” (
This is a residential personal-growth

Action Healing Team

Steven Durost, Team Leader (TL) and the rest members of Team.


María Muñoz-Grandes, M.Sc., M.A., M.Ed.
Ignacio García, M.D
Mª Teresa Vargas Martín, M.A.


Unoymas Relational Development and Therapeutic Spiral International