Creative Possibilities in Child Focused Dialogical Practices

///Creative Possibilities in Child Focused Dialogical Practices
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Creative Possibilities in Child Focused Dialogical Practices
Professor JIM WILSON, M.A.
22 th and 23 th February 2019
Classroom 2. Maternal and child Hospital of Gregorio Marañón
50 O’Donnell Street 28009 Madrid. Spain



Prof. Jim Wilson, M.A
Senior Trainer and Family Therapy Program Director
Systemic family therapist
Author of “Creativity in Times of Constraint: A Practitioner’s Companion in Mental Health and Social Care”.

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Two-day workshop focusing on:
(1) Child-centered listening training in family therapies where the conflict of elders makes us forget about children.
(2) Work from the world of meanings and child language: Understanding the language each child uses and developing the ability to speak to children in their own language.
(3) Facilitating parents ‘ understanding of the world of meanings and language of children.
(4) Development of the creativity of the relational professionals, to adapt to the necessary flexibility and spontaneity that requires the work with children.
(5) Development of co-creative practices with clients, their families and their social networks


(1) Obstacles that therapists and mental health professionals and social care in general find when listening to children within family systems.
(2) Creativity as a necessary resource for the relational professional who works with children, and their relationship with the constraints.
(3) Interaction of the Professional with his repertoire of roles, his resources and his therapeutic style, in ways to broaden his possibilities of interaction and relationship.
(4) How to develop the creative participation of therapists in dialogues adapted to the children’s perspective


(1) Enrich the possibilities of working co-creatively with children, their families and their networks of relationships.
(2) Expand the creative repertoire of the mental health and social care professional, to establish stronger alliances with children and their families.
(3) Develop a continuous reflective dialogue with yourself, during the development of the practice.


In this workshop Professor Jim Wilson will use brief theoretical exhibitions and video viewing, followed by dialogues, and experiénciales exercises to raise awareness of the own limitations in the repertoire of roles, and for the enrichment of the Spontaneity, fluency and creativity of the therapist, in order to increase the opportunities to meet with children.
(There will be consecutive translation throughout the course)


This course is aimed at mental health professionals and social services (psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses, social workers, educators, Psicoterapéutas), as well as students, residents.
Since the learning process is experiéncial and based on case studies, this course will be of interest both to those who have participated in previous workshops on dialogicas and collaborative practices, as well as for those who do it for the first time.


Friday 22 th and Saturday 23 th february 2019
Morning: (09.00-14.00)
Evening: (15.30 -20.00)


Submission of the registration form and copy of the Bank subscription, until February 15, 2019, to:
The reserve of Plaza, will be effective when we arrive by mail notification of the bank deposit, or proof of bank entry.
There are limited places.
Important: Do not forget to put the name of the person you are enrolling when making the transfer. In the section «concept» do not forget to put the name of the professors of the workshops to which you register.
Realization of the credit in CC of Banco Santander ES73 0049 5147 4522 9523 9659

1 Workshop: 160 Euros (150 students)-enroll in the workshop sheet of each workshop
Series of workshops in Dialogicas practices
2 Workshops: 280 Euros (270 students)
3 Workshops: 400 Euros (390 students)
Realization of the credit in CC of Banco Santander ES73 0049 5147 4522 9523 9659
(Food and coffees are in charge of the attendants)


Certificate of Unoymas Relational Development and Gregorio Marañón Hospital.
Possibility of obtaining a diploma of 60 hours emitted by Unoymas and the Hospital Gregorio Marañon if the three workshops of this academic course of Jim Wilson, Jaakko Seikkula and Sylvia London are carried out (Feb 2019-May 2019 and October 2019).
Accreditations for monographic seminars and Diploma of 60 hours requested to FEAP and FEATF.


María Muñoz-Grandes, M.Sc., M.A., M.Ed.
Ignacio García , M.D.
Mª Teresa Vargas Martín, M.A.

Maria Muñoz-Grandes, M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc.
Ignacio García Cabeza
Mª Teresa Vargas Martín M.A.


Unoymas Relational Development
Servicio de Psiquiatría B del HGU Gregorio Marañón